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When it comes to planning and designing outdoor spaces, the clever use and meticulous installation of aluminum on a terrace, patio or even balcony can quickly bring about top-quality results, both from an appearance and reliability standpoint.

Aluminum is very lightweight, resilient, highly efficient and ideal for adapting to Quebec’s climate. Whether it be for boards, panels, slats, the setup of railings or stairs, aluminum can easily be selected and installed by the Patio de ville team.

Aluminum is also a perfect material to pair up with already existing wood structures, thus combining it with wood’s more rich character.

Aluminum is also recognized as the preferred option in the construction of reliable and safe fences around a pool (in or above-ground) or even around grounds of any nature or surface area.

Available Colors

Aluminium floor dark brownAluminium floor brun foncéAluminium floor dark brownAluminium floor brun foncéAluminium floor wood brownAluminium floor brun boisAluminium floor brownAluminium floor brun
Aluminium floor simili woodAluminium floor simili boisAluminium floor ligth greenAluminium floor vert de grisAluminium floor greyAluminium floor grisAluminium floor dark brownAluminium floor brun foncé
Aluminium floor brownAluminium floor brun  Vide  Vide  Vide


  • Airtight and waterproof
  • Lifespan of many decades
  • Rustproof and maintenance-free
  • Free of insects and mold
  • Resistant to fire and distortion
  • Absorbs and reflects little heat
  • Quick installation and safe solution

In a nutshell

Is aluminum the most noble and top-end solution for a Patio de ville outdoor terrace or patio? No. Despite that, as many of our clients already know firsthand, aluminum’s range of benefits is worthy of serious consideration, as an alternative to wood, composite, or fiberglass.

We like

The flexibility, durability, and extremely easy maintenance of a proven, reliable, and timeless material. The price/performance ratio and the fact that it absorbs little heat.

Patio de ville - AluminiumPatio de ville - Aluminium