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Patio, terrace, and balcony projects made with fiberglass offer several advantages: optimal resistance, minimal maintenance (water and soap) and an extended lifespan. Its malleability, versatility and vast selection of colors and formats, coupled with the material’s affordability, make it an option that’s entirely in sync with Quebec’s budgets and climate fluctuations.

The Patio de ville team offers many lines and models of fiberglass balconies, patios, and terraces, comprised of panels specially designed for outdoors.

Available Colors

Fiberglass 110Fiberglass 110Fiberglass 120Fiberglass 120Fiberglass 130Fiberglass 130Fiberglass 140Fiberglass 140
Fiberglass 150Fiberglass 150Fiberglass 160Fiberglass 160Fiberglass 210Fiberglass 210Fiberglass 220Fiberglass 220
Fiberglass 230Fiberglass 230Fiberglass 240Fiberglass 240Fiberglass 250Fiberglass 250Fiberglass 260Fiberglass 260
Fiberglass 270Fiberglass 270Fiberglass CharcoalFiberglass CharbonFiberglass GreyFibre de verre grisFiberglass KakiFiberglass Kaki
Fiberglass SableFiberglass Sable  Vide  Vide  Vide


  • Material that’s both sturdy and lightweight
  • A variety of shapes and dimensions
  • Customized cuts and sizes
  • Wide selection of colors
  • Airtight and waterproof
  • Resistant to insects and mold
  • Freeze, fire, ultraviolet ray, and discoloration resistant
  • Extremely easy maintenance
  • Preferred choice of many property owners

In a nutshell

Whether it be for a patio, balcony or terrace, outer coverings made of fiberglass are preferred by those seeking a simple, turnkey, affordable and hassle-free solution.

We like

It's tremendously easy maintenance (water, soap, brush), its ironclad impermeability, versatility, the near-infinite number of configurations, dimensions, and colors.

Patio de ville - FiberglassPatio de ville - Fiberglass